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Last Updated: 10/15/2012

Appellee's Brief and Argument has failed to state correctly the decision of the Appellate Court in the above Mack case regarding the directed verdict. At 110 Ill.Dec. page 542 the court "REVERSED AND REMANDED" the case.

Judge John Telleen would never admit he was fooled by Mr. Thompson

For other items Mr. Thompson has kept hidden see:

Original scan

The Facts are:

Duane Thompson used an outright lie to conceal the fact there was evidence of malice on a few different pages of the transcript for a jury trial.  More at:

Duane Thompson used a misrepresented lawsuit to conceal the fact that I used the probable cause itself to win a jury trial 12 to 0 without an attorney proving a total lack of good faith.  More at:

Duane Thompson used a bribe during an Oral Argument to have three judges overlook the fact that I won a jury trial 12 to 0 by using the probable cause itself in my defense.

To see exactly how Duane Thompson worked see:

The story of a trial where the Sixth Amendment was broken can be found at:

The story of the '91 Appellate Court joke is on:

The story of the '93 Appellate Court joke is on:

The story behind the jokes above is on:

This site was setup to show how much fraud will be used by people at the courthouse when they let themselves be manipulated by fraud.

The first thing you need to know is: "Probable Cause" is state of facts, in the prosecutor's mind. . ."

A "Report of Proceedings" from an earlier trial was signed by the same judge that signed a "Complaint" against me and it classifies as the "State of facts in the prosecutor's mind."  That means I used the "Probable Cause" held against me as "Defense Exhibit #1."

The "Probable Cause" impeached all the States witnesses.

The "Probable Cause" showed the State was allowing Beverly to use fraud to prevent me from answering her daughter's questions.

The "Probable Cause" showed that "Warrant Information" was more fraud from a woman with a history of using fraud.

The "Probable Cause" showed the Judge did nothing to find out why a woman that worked at the courthouse was using fraud.

Since Judge Brinn let Beverly Rusk continue using fraud on the "Warrant Information" and that fraud made it into the "Opening Remarks" that means when the Appellate Court assumed the "Opening Remarks" were fact all they really did was was start with fraud and add more fraud.

Not only that, but when Judges simply retried the case without facts they saw the "Evidence of Malice" on the transcript that I was prevented from entering in the Trial Court so when they claimed there was no "Evidence of Malice" that is an "Error of Law."

The "Warrant Information" that contains "Evidence of Malice" and more is at:

What I can't believe is with all the evidence that I have proving that Duane Thompson used fraud and Fraudulent Deception to convince Judges to desecrate the Fifth and Sixth Amendments that nobody in the legal system has done anything!