Two letters written to Donny Geiger, who started Beverly's lies

Sgt. Donald Geiger
Box 1142
ACO 317th ENGR. BN
APO New York  09757

Roger Wittekind
9 Park View Dr. Apt #14
Eldridge, Iowa   52748

Date: 2-8-1990

Hello Donny,

     First thing I want to mention is, I'm out on a $2500.00 recognizance 
bond, because of Cheryl Wingert's Mom.  The trial could be next year and I
need your help.  I know you remember Cheryl, I wish for you to make it clear
that you were talking for yourself when you said some of the things you said.

     To make things clearer, I'm going to give you some of my past.

     I'll skip the reason why I was harassed so much as a kid.  I'll start
with, I met a real sweet girl in 6th grade.  I went to her house and
picked up some fish one day.  Well after a few weeks things seemed to be
going just great.  To keep the story short, I ended up twisting her arm
and she ran home crying.  God, I felt so bad about this.

     That happened on a Friday.  I remember thinking, man I hope I'm over
this by Monday.  Sunday night the hurt I felt was just as bad as it'd been
Friday and Saturday.  Although she recovered quickly, I never did.  My whole
world was crushed, I mean it was like I'd lost the only love I'd ever had.

     The lesson I learned from this was, if I really cared about a girl I
wasn't going to think of her as someone to get sex from.  This was where
I had gone wrong.

     Cheryl was way too frail.  There was no way I was going to let the
animal side of me loose again.  I made sure that every thought I had of
her was polite and didn't bring out an animal nature.

     This is where you come in.  It's things you said to Cheryl that made
her think I didn't respect her.

     I know some of the things you said and did.  For starters, ya, I talked
about her on the walkie-talkies, but I NEVER said anything that would show
disrespect!  I couldn't, talking follows thinking.

     I NEVER could tell you the real reason why I was so interested in her.
If you had relayed it to her, she might have quit copying me, or worse yet
ignored me!

    DAMN IT DONNY.  You teased her and made her think that I was only
interested in her sexually.  I want you to send me a letter saying that
I was NO part of this LIE.  I'm afraid you might lie again, please don't.


Sgt. Donald Geiger
Box 1142
ACO 317th ENGR. BN
APO New York  09757

Date: 2-12-1990

Hello Again Donny,

     Since I really doubted that you would ever answer my first letter,
I did a little remembering, and came up with your motives.

     It was your JEALOUSY that caused your MALICIOUS SLANDER, ya Donny,
you were so afraid that I would go out with a girl that you wanted, you
told her lie after lie to make sure it didn't happen.

     Well, it can still happen, after Cheryl admitted what the problem was
we well be able to work it out.  Think of it Donny:  Roger and Cheryl.

     This isn't a threat, I have not been directly involved with these
episodes, but three people that have used lies against me, intentionally or
unintentionally, ended up with a world of bad luck.  Two attorneys have
lost their licenses, ones in jail for three years and the other one could
be there in April.

        The third person messed up a follow up investigation and is
currently disabled.  The expression that someone used to describe what
happened to him was: "Somebody ran him down."  He got hit by a car...

     I have seen, that if you can't win fair and square, you'll lie.

     I've seen how much you loved to brag about taking advantage of girls.
The story you tell about Mary proves this.  The one where she said "Your
only taking advantage of me" and you said "No I'm not" then you finish off
the story with saying your really were.

     Now back to Cheryl, you told me once, "If your not going to ask her
out, I will."  Although you never admitted to asking her out, you might have.
Did she turn you down, or did her interest in me turn you off?

     The point is, I know how much you would have loved to piss me off.

     If you could have gone out with Cheryl you would have had so much to
brag about.  Oh but if I'd gone out with Cheryl it would have pissed you
off to the max.  Remember how much you'll argue and lie to try and prove
you have something better than me.  Well since you really wanted Cheryl,
you did your best to keep me from having your dream.

     I remember one day, during summer band, you talked to Cheryl.  I wasn't
far away and I could see the expressions on her face and yours.  As a matter
of fact I was close enough to hear a tiny bit of what was said.  I asked you
later what you said to her.  You had told her where I was working.  Her
expression was one of excitement while yours showed extreme jealousy.

     What I remember most about this day was what happened after school.
She and Tina came walking by where I was working, when she saw me she turned
away and grinned from ear to ear.  To this day, every time I hear the song
"She loves you" by the Beatles I think of this episode.

     Donny, there is NO way you could ever have messed up a love like this.
One of the girls I've been talking to called you warped.  I agree with her.


     Of the things you said to Cheryl, some of them did make it back to me.

1.  This one came from you yourself.  You were repeating the words to a song,
    the one that says "love your peaches, wanna shake your tree."  Well you
    must have told Cheryl that I said this!  There is no truth to this,
    other than it was an idea on YOUR mind.

2.  Cheryl's mom relayed a few of your lies back to me, but since I'd tagged
    her as a liar, I never listened to much she said.  Her mom mentioned that
    I talked about Cheryl on the walkie-talkies, well you must have added a
    bunch of crap to this story also.
       If Cheryl's mom knew what Bob and I really said about Cheryl, it would
    have only caused great respect.

3.  From Cheryl herself, she mentioned that I talked to other people at
    school about her.  Again, you had to add lies.  If Cheryl knew  what I
    really said, she would have great compassion for me.

4.  Oh Donny, after seeing the trouble you've caused, you must have said
    a great many other things.


    Again, this is not a threat, I don't have to do anything, as a matter of
fact, things seem to work best if I completely forget about them.  But it
looks like you have plenty to pay for.  I mean Justice is a power all on it's
own, sort of like "The Force" that is mentioned in Star Wars!


    I only hope that when you pay for your deeds, you have enough time to
think:  "I'd better not do that again."  I suggest you start praying.

                                        May the Force be with you,

P.S.  Oh there is no running from the Force, it's got you where it wants you.

Donny Geiger died of heart complications on April 3, 2001