This page presents clear evidence of Perjury or "Obstruction of Justice."

The "Report of Proceedings" where you see the Cross-examination of Mrs. Rusk below was entered for "purposes of impeachment."

The "Police Report" below was also used for "purposes of Impeachment" in a Jury trial that I won.

Every statement on the Police Report is contracted by the Police Report itself, Cheryl Wingert's testimony or Beverly Rusk's testimony.  Notice where it states "Fighting 604 20th Avenue" and then where it states "fighting in her yard" and the her is "Thelma Nickerson" because the fight was not in the Rusk yard.

The phrase "bothering his daughter" constitutes an Obstruction of Justice" because that didn't happen as proven by Cheryl Wingert's testimony in the earlier mentioned "Report of Proceedings."  That exhibit proved Cheryl Wingert was asking questions and getting answers in the mail that I didn't answer on the phone.

More about a now disbarred Assistant States Attorney that fouled up a "follow through" investigation can be found at:

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Then from the Jury trial that I won in 1990 we have this exchange with Beverly Rusk:

JuryTrialPage33small.gif (9292 bytes)

Casey introduced an letter near the end of the trial to make it look like I was following Cheryl around but the letter itself did not prove what Casey wanted it to prove.  Instead that letter helped prove that Cheryl was not living with her mother as Beverly Rusk had told the neighbors and the police.

I won the Second Jury Trial 12-0 with hopes that the facts presented would overturn the first jury trial but that never happened.  The Appellate Court would simply make assumptions about the first jury trial to make it look like I should have lost the second jury trial too.  When they did that all they did was help conceal the fact that Beverly and Ed Rusk got away with Perjury and "Obstruction of Justice" because she had friends at the courthouse.   More at: